Interview: Bobby Lashley Talks About His SFL Debut

Former WWE world champion, Bobby Lashley, secured the Shark Fights heavyweight title in his last fight against Karl Knothe, and he plans to add another win to his MMA record when he makes his Super Fight League debut against James Thompson. The fight between the two will be the main event of the SFL 3 fight card, set to take place on May 6, at the IGI Stadium in New Delhi, India. As always, the event will be broadcast live, free of charge on SFL’s YouTube channel.

I caught up with Lashley on April 25, and he certainly seemed focused heading into his clash with “The Colossus.”

David: How’s training camp going?

Bobby: It’s going great. I get a lot of great people that I have been working with… Right now, I’ve been really fortunate to put some good things together, and I’m really ready for this fight.

David: How much of your training camp is dedicated to striking?

Bobby: It’s all divided; I don’t focus on any one area. Even though my wrestling is my strong suit, I still focus on wrestling, and I don’t neglect wrestling at all either. I have a great striking coach in Colorado that I’ve been working with. … I’ve also gotten a lot of wrestling in. … There are great jujitsu guys down here in Florida that I’ve been working with. I don’t think there’s one area that I’ve focused on more than the others. I try to stay well rounded as possible because I’m still in the building phase.

David: Did you think things would go this well when you decided to give MMA a try, or were you a little skeptical?

Bobby: I think it should have gone better. The one hiccup I had in my career [2010 loss to Chad Griggs] was complete garbage. It was more of my fault than anything else. But I had to suffer because of it. I put in the time. I’m not one of those guys that kind of sit back and wait for things to happen. I go out and make things happen. I bust my ass in everything that I do. … I’m not a 21 year old that can go out and try a whole bunch of different things. With a family and everything like that, it’s not a position to be to just try things. I came into MMA, knowing that I would be a force, and knowing that I had the ability to be something great in it.

David: What do you think about James Thompson?

Bobby: I think he’s a tough guy, I think he’s a big name. He’s fought almost everyone, so he’s got a lot of good looks. And he’s one of those guys who’s not afraid to fight. Everybody that he’s fought, he hasn’t really taken a step back. He’s always coming straight forward. I got to believe that in our fight, he’ll be charging straight forward and coming hard. I got to be ready for it.

David: How do you think the fight will go?

Bobby: It’s going to be rough. You never know what’s gonna happen. I train for everything, expect everything. I’m just ready. If he wants to make it a standup battle, we can stand up. If he wants to make it a wrestling gala, we can wrestle. If he wants to make it a ground war, we can make it a ground war. Right now, I’m at a stage in my career that I don’t train for anything specific. I just try to train everything that I can.

David: What is the number one thing you hope to accomplish in MMA?

Bobby: I just want to be accomplished; I want to be known as a fighter. I think that’s what everybody wants. They want to be known as legitimate fighters and they want to have some titles to prove it.

David: Are you still interested in fighting Fedor Emelianenko?

Bobby: Of course, absolutely. As a heavyweight, who wouldn’t want to fight him? Even though he’s suffered a few losses, he’s still a legend in the game, he’s still Fedor. The opportunity is kinda still there, I just don’t know what is gonna happen with some of the contracts on the table right now. In the next few months, I’ll know for sure.

David: is there anything else you want to get out there?

Bobby: No men, everything is good. I’m in great spirits right now; I’m feeling really good, moving really well, my training is going good. I try to keep up with everybody on my Twitter @fightbobby… I’ll like to thank all my sponsors. My number one sponsor is Gamma Labs right now, so I always want to get a shout-out to those guys. They help me out with my training camp and keeping my body healthy.


Personal interview with Bobby Lashley.

David is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing practitioner who has watched and studied MMA for the past 9 years. Send him your questions @davidkingwriter.


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