Interview: Denniston Sutherland on His Upcoming Title Defense and More

MMA veteran Denniston “Mad Max” Sutherland is getting ready to defend his middleweight belt against Jake Bostwick at UCMMA 25, scheduled for Dec. 3, at the Troxy in London, England. Sutherland won the UCMMA middleweight title in impressive fashion, knocking out UFC veteran Mark Weir in the first round.

Denniston took some time off his busy schedule to talk about all things MMA.

David: Why did you become an MMA fighter?

Denniston: I saw the first UFC back in 93; just by accident I saw it on TV and I just loved it. First off, I used to box. Boxing was a bit political. To get anywhere you have to kiss a few asses, and I’m not one to kiss some asses. MMA was no holds barred fighting at the time, and I thought that’s where I must be, because I liked the idea of being able to do everything.

David: How do you feel going into your first title defense?

Denniston: I don’t look at it as a title defense; I just look at it like as a fight. There’s nothing different about the fight except the emotions going into it. I have to keep those in check. I try not to get caught up on the event. I try and just stay focused on what I need to do… I’m either gonna win or I’m gonna lose. I want to win, I fight to win. I’m very confident I’m gonna win. Sometimes [expletive] happens, but I’m still just as confident in the next fight.

David: What do you plan for the future?

Denniston: I always strive for the top, I always aim high. Obviously, the highest you can aim for in this sport is the UFC. So that’s where I wanna get to. I’m just gonna beat as many people as I can. Anybody that’s in front of me, that’s what I’m going to do, beat him. I’m not expecting anything to be handed to me; I have to fight for it literally. My plan is to get into the UFC and smash my way to the top.

David: Would you consider going on the Ultimate Fighter?

Denniston: I’ll do whatever I need to. A lot of times I watch the show and I’m disgusted by some of the guys that get the opportunity, and just moan.

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