Jake Paul Promises to Leave Boxing if UFC Improves Fighter Pay and Benefits

Jake Paul sure knows how to troll.

UFC fighter pay has always been a controversial topic as far back as any of us can remember. MMA fighter pay, in general, has always been like that. From some fighters claiming promoters stiffed them to others getting paid as little as $500 on local MMA circuits, many mixed martial artists never get fairly compensated for their efforts.

Youtuber and boxer Jake Paul has done quite well for himself in his first five professional boxing matches, defeating all comers while making more money than most MMA fighters will make in their entire careers. His boxing fights have been so profitable, even former UFC champions like Tyrone Woodley begged for a chance to cash in on Paul’s popularity.

Paul used growing sentiments about MMA fighter pay being lower than the percentage athletes from other sports get to take shots at UFC president Dana White.

While Jake Paul is trolling, most of his demands are reasonable. MMA fighter pay still has a long way to go. So there you have it, Dana; if you’re tired of watching Jake knock out former UFC champions, you know what to do.

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