James Toney kicked out of training camp

James Toney’s MMA debut didn’t exactly go his way, losing to hall-of-famer Randy Couture at UFC 118, yet the current IBA heavyweight champion seems determined to compete in the sport. On July 7, Toney parted ways with his current gym 360 health club, allegedly after getting into a confrontation with another member.

Toney is currently scheduled to face long-time fighter Ken Shamrock on September 3rd, in a special rules MMA contest. Some of the new rules that will be added to the fight include standing the fight up 30 seconds after a takedown, and changing the format to eight 3 minute rounds.

The new rules, definitely give Toney a more realistic chance, than he had in his MMA debut, but training camp doesn’t seem to be going too well.

While some feel Toney’s dispute with the gym might be a sign of his lack of discipline, I’m completely shocked Toney would actually train at such a place in preparation for an MMA fight. There is nothing wrong with going a fitness club, but you would think a professional fighter would at the very least train at an MMA intensive gym, and not the local Pilates hotspot.

While I’ve always admired Toney’s fighting spirit, it’s hard to say he’s taking the MMA thing seriously. No one expected Toney to dominate MMA’s heavyweight ranks, but it would be nice to see him put in a serious effort. Toney’s boxing will always be better than any fighter he faces in MMA, but his lack of preparation will be his downfall against Ken Shamrock.

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