Jason Miller addresses assault charges

MMA veteran Jason Miller finally spoke out about his infamous altercation with his sister that ended with the UFC fighter facing assault and false imprisonment charges. Miller admitted the altercation did indeed happen, also stating that the charges are now behind him.

The Chatham County Sheriff’s office arrested Miller on Aug. 7 , in response to an altercation between Jason and his sister which ended with the MMA fighter restraining her with a headlock.

Many MMA fans immediately came to Miller’s defense, somehow knowing the entire story was being blow out of proportion. While Jason has gotten into some trouble in the past, rough-handling a defenseless female just didn’t seem like something the goofy UFC fighter would do

Now that the details of the incident are beginning to surface, it looks like the story was indeed blown out of proportion.

“I’ll just say this: my sister was not in any state to drive, and I stopped her from driving,” Miller said on the MMA Hour. “However, she was in a state to file a police report, which is now all over with. It’s all finished. It was unfounded…a Miller family experience that got out of hand. If I had to do it all over again, I would do exactly the same thing.”

Miller was also surprised by how big the story got, chalking it off to his recent successes in and out of the cage.

“It’s funny, because I’m in the stage of my career where people care about some petty redneck drama that I got into,” Miller added. “It’s really surreal. I had TMZ beating down my door and trying to call me about that. I was like, are you serious? I didn’t even think that was a big deal.”

With his legal troubles behind him, Miller can relax and enjoy the debut of the 14th season of the “Ultimate Fighter” reality TV series on Sept. 21. Miller and British UFC fighter Michael Bisping will be the coaches on the last season of the successful reality series, and they’ll get to face each other on Dec 3.

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