Jean Pascal Wants Chad Dawson Next

Former WBC light-heavyweight champion Jean Pascal hasn’t laced up his gloves ever since he lost his title to Bernard Hopkins in 2011, but he plans to make his return soon.

Pascal currently has his sight set on Chad Dawson — who won the WBC light-heavyweight title from Bernard Hopkins earlier in the year — and he’s hoping he’ll get the opportunity to reclaim the title.

“I whooped his ass first. Andre Ward whooped his ass second,” Pascal said during a conversation with “If he needs a third whoop-ass, I’m right here Chad. You need me? Come find me.”

Jean Pascal handed Dawson his first professional loss, and “Bad” has indicated a desire to avenge his loss against the Canadian in the past. The timing for a rematch between the two is as good as ever, and it’ll be interesting to see if the WBC welterweight champion is up for another tough challenge.

Chad Dawson received a vicious beating during his last outing against Andre Ward, getting stopped in the 10th round of their Sept. 8 encounter. Chad will probably want to take a long break after his grueling battle against Ward, but I do like the idea of a rematch against Pascal in early 2013.

In my opinion, Dawson would have won his 2010 encounter against Pascal, if he wasn’t so hesitant inside the ring. Chad was just as hesitant during his bout against Ward, and it ended up costing him another fight.

Dawson has a lot of work to do in terms of sharpening his killer instinct, and that has had a lot to do with his recent struggles inside the ring. Pascal seems like one of the better matchups for Chad right now, a fight between the two should be competitive.

Skill wise, Dawson has all the tools needed to defeat Pascal, but he’ll be in for another long night if he isn’t 100 percent mentally focused.


Bill Emes, “Pascal: If Dawson Needs a Third Ass Whooping, I’m Here

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