Jeremy Stephens’ heart-shattering defeat: How can he get back on track?

The man known as “Lil Heathen” Jeremy Stephens has a 23-10 MMA record. It’s safe to say that his tenure had seen many shake ups and turns in momentum.

He also has fifteen knockouts, and has won five “knockout of the night” or “fight of the night” bonuses in his UFC appearances.

However, Stephens, from San Diego, suffered a defeat to Cub Swanson on Saturday, snapping a three fight winning streak.

The Alliance MMA fighter and notorious striker’s elevation through the UFC rankings may have reached an impasse, but the fans’ infatuation with Stephens has only begun.

At age 28, Stephens is at his fittest, and prepared to carve his way back into the top ten.

To do that, he’ll need to stand tall against an existing member.

That shouldn’t be a problem. This division is heaping with talent.

Dustin Poirier, #6, has won three straight and won almost half of his bouts by submission. “The Diamond” may pose a unique stylistic difference to Stephens.

Nik Lentz is best known for his wrestling, but is, overall, a well-rounded athlete, ranked #9 at Featherweight, and a good potential foe for Stephens.

Finally, the winner of Conor McGregor, #13, and Diego Brandao, #15, could be the one for the fans. These two face off next month in Dublin, Ireland, and McGregor is one of the biggest punchers known to the sport today.

We’ll see what’s next for Jeremy Stephens, but one thing is for certain — he’s a withstanding force at the 145lb weight limit.


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