John Howard might be next for Martin Kampmann

MMA veteran Martin Kampmann might have a date inside the Octagon with John Howard at the UFC Live 4 fight event. Kampmann’s last performance inside the Octagon was against season one “Ultimate Fighter” winner, Diego Sanchez.

While this matchup isn’t the rematch with Diego that many MMA fans were still expecting, it does have the potential to be as good as the UFC Live 3 fight between Kampmann and Sanchez.

Kampmann looked really good in the first round against Diego Sanchez, but faded away in the later rounds. Sanchez managed to steal the decision from Kampmann, in what has been one of the most controversial decisions all year.

John Howard is also coming off a series of tough losses in his MMA career. After going on a seven fight win streak, Howard has lost his last two MMA fights to tough welterweights Jake Ellenberger and Thiago Alves.

If this fight is eventually finalized, it should be another entertaining match for MMA fans to enjoy. Any MMA fight involving Martin Kampmann, usually turns out to be an all standup up event, thanks to his excellent takedown defense. Since both fighters are currently on losing streaks, staying motivated shouldn’t be a problem for either fighter.

Picking who would win a fight between John Howard and Martin Kampmann is tough, since both fighters are pretty evenly matched. Martin is the technically sharper striker, while Howard has more power behind his attacks. Kampmann’s takedown defense will pretty much ensure the MMA fight remains standing, and I would be shocked if Howard even attempts to take Martin to the ground.

Howard will have to close the distance against Kampmann if he wants to have a shot at the win. Sanchez had some success at close range against Kampmann (at the expense of his face), rocking the Danish fighter a few times in the later rounds. If Howard wants to win the fight, he’ll have to get inside and throw some big punches.

I can’t really say I see that happening though, Kampmann’s striking will be too much for Howard to handle, and this time around, he should be able to walk away with the decision.

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