Johny Hendrix not worried about Chael Sonnen’s comments

10-1 MMA veteran Johny Hendrix fired back at Chael Sonnen for his comments towards him. Hendrix who is scheduled to face Sonnen’s training partner Mike Pierce at UFC 133, went after MMA’s most controversial fighter about his antics.

“Sonnen is a guy who almost beat Anderson Silva,” Hendrix said during the interview. “I’m not going to talk trash. I’m just going to state the facts. He almost beat somebody. He lost to a Brazilian. He can’t sit here and say bad things about Brazilians when his loss was against one. I have no beef against him; we’re not even in the same weight class. Somebody Tweeted to me (and wrote), ‘Dude, what did you do to piss off Chael Sonnen?’ I don’t know. Last time I met Chael was when he lost to Anderson, and he was nice as can be to me, and I was nice to him. For him to do that, that’s just showing the character that he is.”

It’s not surprising Hendrix isn’t taking the trash talk too seriously, given Sonnen is bent on becoming MMA’s number one villain. Hendrix has already made a name for himself as one of the top welterweights in MMA, and he cannot afford to lose focus right now.

Pierce is a tough MMA fighter that will not be intimidated when he steps into the Octagon against Hendrix. Pierce’s only loss in his last ten MMA fights is to top welterweight contender Jon Fitch. Even though Hendrix is the more recognizable MMA fighter between the two, the fight is pretty evenly matched.

In the end, Hendrix should be able to grind out the win at UFC 133, as he works his way up the promotion’s welterweight rankings.

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