Jon Jones Calls Chael Sonnen a Racist, Disappointed with White

UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, received a lot of heat for his decision not to fight Chael Sonnen (as a replacement for Dan Henderson) on the promotion’s Sept. 1 card, but the 25 year-old stands firmly by his choice.

Sonnen capitalized on Jones negative publicity, verbally attacking “Bones” during an interview with ESPN. He even called the youngest champion in UFC history an “entitled brat.”

Jones doesn’t seem overly concerned with Sonnen’s insults, and he had a few harsh things to say about the “American Gangster” during an interview with Ariel Helwani. He also made it clear that he doesn’t think Sonnen deserves a title shot.

“It’s like, why would I contradict myself when I clearly just said that I think Chael Sonnen is a racist? The way he treats Brazilians is just totally uncalled for; I have zero respect for him,” Jon Jones said. “Chael Sonnen is a punk, he’s a thug. He calls himself the American Gangster but he ratted out all his friends in that money laundering situation? That’s not gangster. He’s a straight punk.”

As far as Jones’ relationship with UFC president Dana White — who threw the light-heavyweight champion under the bus after the Sept. 1 fight card was cancelled — is concerned, it’s pretty clear that it’ll never be the same.

“When you go from me and you being really close… the last press conference after I fought Rashad [Evans] he was like ‘don’t you just love this guy’ and now I’m like hated? Because I did what was right for me and my future?” Jones added. “I didn’t really look at him as a boss or anything; I just looked at him as a friend, a business partner. I just thought I meant a lot to the UFC, and they made me feel like a piece of meat. Like a total piece of meat. … It’s just good to see where I stand with him. There’s no need to have any kind of fake relationship in the future. I’ll continue to do my best for the UFC, but it’s definitely good to see what I really mean to him.”

Jones has every reason to be upset with the way he was treated by the UFC, and it’ll be interesting to see where his relationship with White goes from here. They’ll probably end up making up for the sake of business, but there are some things people never forget.

White’s decision to publicly shame Jones for declining a Sept. 1 fight against Sonnen is one of the worst decisions the UFC’s president has made in quite some time, and I’m sure it’ll end up haunting him sometime in the future.

Without a doubt, Jon Jones had every right to refuse a fight with Sonnen, and I actually respect him more for standing up to the UFC, while other fighters like Charlie Brenneman try to throw their own under the bus, just to earn a few points with the boss.

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