Jon Jones Doesn’t Want to Fight Anderson Silva

When most MMA fans think about potential mega-fights the UFC can produce, Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones is usually at the top of their lists. Realistically, the chances of the Silva-Jones matchup ever taking place are pretty slim, since neither man is particularly interested in the matchup.

“I would rather not have to fight Anderson, but if I have to fight him, I will focus on my confidence and technique,” Jones said in a recent interview. “I respect and look up to him so much. For me, the ideal scenario would be having him as my mentor and learn with him after he retires. It would be great for me. He could teach me how to move my body in different ways. It would be ideal – but the world wants to see us fight. Maybe that will happen, maybe not.”

Unlike many MMA fans, I’ve never really been thrilled about the idea of a Silva-Jones matchup. Jones hasn’t even come close to cleaning out the light-heavyweight division, and he still has a long way to go in his development as an MMA fighter. Compared to Silva, Jones is still a baby in the sport MMA, with only 16 professional fights to his name. It just doesn’t seem fair to put him inside the Octagon with the most dominant champion in the history of the UFC.

Silva is certainly on a completely different level. And Jones has no problems admitting Silva is still the best fighter in MMA.

“Yeah, for sure. This is indisputable,” Jones added “It is; just look at his numbers, he is phenomenal! I’m a big supporter of Anderson. Everything he does is phenomenal, the way the behaves, how he fights, the techniques he uses, the way he moves.”

Jones has the tools needed to challenge Silva’s legacy, and he’s willingness to learn can only help him accomplish that goal. I definitely like the idea of the two training together, especially given the fact Jones struggled a bit with Lyoto Machida’s crisp counter-strikes at UFC 140.

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