Jorge Rivera opens up about Bisping fight

UFC veteran Jorge Rivera still has some negative feelings towards British MMA fighter Michael Bisping, who didn’t exactly behave professionally during their UFC 127 encounter. Rivera didn’t hold anything back when he talked to the Boston Herald about Bisping and what the future holds for his MMA career.

“I needed some time off after my last fight. To lose to someone like that was just (explicit) awful,” Rivera explained. “And people think I deserved to lose because I was talking smack and I was. It was all for the fight, to sell the fight. People wanted to see that fight. Some wanted to see me get my (butt) kicked. Some people wanted to see me whoop his (butt) but I didn’t care. As long as people wanted to see the fight.”

“When it comes to the fight time I’m going to be there. I’m going to fight and I’m going to fight clean. I’m not a dirty fighter. Bisping was really inexcusable. And I haven’t really spoken out about it at all. It was pitiful. He went to my corner after he kneed me and the head and talked (explicit). He purposely kneed me, goes over to my corner and tells them that. Then he says after that it was unintentional. It’s hard for me to respect the guy. It’s hard for me to like him.”

Even though Rivera started the smack talk leading up to the UFC 127 matchup between the two MMA fighters, the way Bisping behaved during the fight was very immature. Yes it was cool when Tito Ortiz talked smack to Ken Shamrock after his fight at UFC 19, but that is no longer the norm in the sport.

Rivera also indicated he might be walking away from the sport of MMA in the near future, citing his age as a factor in his decision. Rivera should be proud of his accomplishments in the Octagon, building a 19-8 professional MMA record in a ten year span. Rivera has never lost consecutive fights in his MMA career, and I’ll be shocked if he has any problems against Alessio Sakara who he’ll face at UFC 133.

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