Juan Manuel Marquez Exposes Manny Pacquiao Even in Defeat

Manny Pacquiao was considered boxing’s pound-for-pound best going into the fight against Juan Manuel Marquez on Nov. 12, but the Filipino boxer/singer/politician couldn’t live up to his title. For the third time in his career, Manny struggled against a man Floyd Mayweather completely outclassed. Luckily for Pacquiao, the fix was in, and he walked away with the unearned victory.

Marquez took it to Pacquiao the entire duration of their twelve round encounter at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, keeping the Filipino singer/politician/boxer at bay with some crisp counter punching. Pacquiao tried to fight back in the second half of the boxing match, but he really didn’t have any answer for Marquez’ counter punching.

By the end of their 12 round encounter, it was pretty clear who won the boxing match, but unfortunately for fight fans the match wasn’t being scored by honest judges. In what has to be the craziest decision I’ve ever seen in the sport of boxing, two judges gave the fight to Pacquiao.

With decisions like this, it’s no surprise boxing is being outperformed by MMA. It would have been one thing if it was a close fight, but by the final round it was pretty clear who won the fight.

Marquez has nothing to be ashamed off with his performance against Pacquiao, and the 38 year old boxer certainly showed the world he still has a few fights left in him. Marquez’ record might say he has two losses to Pacquiao, but most educated boxing fans know he won all three fights.

Manny might have won the boxing match, but it’s pretty obvious he’s one of the most overrated boxers in the sport. Once upon a time, I would have given a leg to see Mayweather and Manny get it on, but there is no question who would win the fight now.

Pacquiao certainly didn’t win any fans with his performance against Marquez, and it’s pretty clear he doesn’t have any chance against Floyd Mayweather. Without a question, boxing has an undisputed pound-for-pound king, and his name is Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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