Juan Manuel Marquez Questions Manny Pacquiao’s Heart

With Miguel Cotto officially set to face Austin Trout on Dec. 1, Manny Pacquiao’s pool of potential opponents just got smaller. Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez are now the two main candidates for Pacquiao’s next fight, but the latter doesn’t think the Filipino congressman wants any part of him.

“I finished a meeting in Tijuana with my promoter, Fernando Beltrán, and he informed me that Pacquiao is still undecided,” Marquez said. “What’s happening right now is they want Pacquiao to face Floyd Mayweather in April of the next year. … That’s why he is hesitated to make a fight with me, because he knows that if I fight him again – the big money fight can crumble. … He knows that I already beat him three times, and that I will beat it again.”

The Pacquiao vs. Marquez saga has been filled with controversy, and “Dinamita” isn’t the only one who thinks he was the rightful victor in some of those fights.

Juan Manuel Marquez is certainly one of the most dangerous options for “Pac Man” right now, as another loss could very well mean the end of his professional boxing career. He hasn’t been particularly impressive in his last two fights, and the controversial loss against Timothy Bradley didn’t help.

Obviously, given what’s at stake, Pacquiao is being cautious with his decision, and there’s a very good chance he’ll end up opting for the rematch against Bradley, which seems like a safer option (I don’t think that’ll be an easy fight either).

Pacquiao’s cautiousness ended up being the reason he wasn’t able to secure a rematch against Miguel Cotto – who he defeated at 144 pounds in 2009. Apparently, the Puerto Rican wanted Manny to come up to 154 pounds, but the former WBO welterweight champion wasn’t willing to comply.

“There were still some open issues about some of the terms of the fight in which we could not reach an agreement,” Cotto’s advisor Gaby Peñagarícano said during an interview with Boxingscene.com. “Plus, I think the most important thing is Miguel is in a position where he’s willing to say ‘no’ to these big fights if the terms are not 100% acceptable to him.”


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