Juan Manuel Marquez Set to Release Book Titled “Yes, I Beat You Pacquiao”

Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao have given boxing fans many memorable moments over the years. The first encounter between the two was ruled a draw, and Pacquiao emerged victorious in their last two fights.

However, the results of their epic battles don’t necessarily reflect what happened inside the ring when the two squared up. All three fights between the two have been mired in controversy, and there are some out there (myself included) who actually scored the bouts in favor of Marquez.

Frustrated with the favorable decisions Pacquiao has enjoyed against him, Juan Manuel Marquez has decided to publish a book, detailing the injustices he has suffered against the Filipino congressman and his career as a professional boxer. The book is titled “Yes, I beat you Pacquiao.”

“[This book is about] how I worked to achieve what I have achieved, with character, courage, and the desire that must be there to get what you want,” Marquez explained. “The book which I wrote – and obviously I was helped a little with editing, was based on what I did and what I did to succeed. I speak of discipline, responsibility, and to do so in a book is very important because it’s a great way for people to know a little bit more about me.”

Marquez might still get a chance to avenge his controversial losses against Pacquiao, since the latter is still trying to figure out who his next opponent will be. I personally would love to see a fourth fight between Pacquiao and Marquez, as all three bouts between the two have been quite entertaining. It’s safe to say a fourth fight wouldn’t disappoint.

However, Pacquiao lost the WBO welterweight title in his last outing against Timothy Bradley, and it does look like he’s leaning towards a rematch against “Desert Storm.”

If Juan Manuel Marquez isn’t able to secure a fourth fight against Pacquiao later on in the year, other boxers like Lamont Peterson have already indicated a desire fight the 38 year-old.


Salvador Rodriguez, “Marquez Writing a Book on How He ‘Beat Pacquiao’

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