Julio Cesar Chavez Sr Disappointed with Jr’s Training Methods

For the first 11 rounds of his Sept. 15 bout against Sergio Martinez, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., was hesitant inside the ring. JC Jr. finally opened up in the final round, and for a moment, it looked like he was about to pull off a memorable comeback.

However, Martinez survived JC Jr.’s assault, securing the WBC middleweight title via unanimous decision.

Those who watched the final episode of “Chavez Jr. vs. Martinez 24/7” were probably a bit surprised by Chavez’ nonchalant attitude towards training. He stood up his trainer Freddie Roach, electing to train by himself.

Chavez Sr. wasn’t impressed with his son’s performance against Martinez, and he feels Jr. can perform a lot better against “Maravilla” if he takes his training and preparation seriously.

“What Jr. did in the ring against Martinez was only 40% of him,” Chavez Sr. said. “I don’t know what happened. There is no justification or excuses. This is going to be a valuable experience for him. He didn’t box for practically the entire fight. The truth is, he did things his way for this preparation and because of this things did not go as they should have. … I hope that he understands what happened.”

I can’t same I blame Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. for being disappointed with his son’s performance.

Even though the fight between Martinez and Chavez Jr. was a one-sided affair, I do agree with Sr.’s assessment that Jr. is good enough to beat the Argentine if he prepares properly.

Chavez Jr. barely threw any punches during the first 11 rounds of his encounter against Martinez, which is usually a recipe for disaster against a slick boxer.

Chavez’ best bet would have been to bite down on his mouthpiece, accepting the fact that he’ll only land one punch for every two or three from Martinez. He needed to keep moving forward regardless of what happened, hitting Martinez as many times as he could. Chavez Jr. probably would have lost the earlier rounds just like he did on Sept. 15, but the cumulative effect of his punches might have been enough to stop Martinez.


Ernesto Castellanos, “Chavez Sr. Not Happy With Jr.’s Camp, Talks Rematch

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