Kevin Cunningham Lashes Out at Randall Bailey

Devon Alexander (23-1) was getting ready for his Sept. 8 fight against Randall Bailey (43-7), but latter ended up pulling out due to an injury. Bailey — who was set to defend his IBF welterweight title — claimed he injured his back during a sparring session.

The bout between the two has now been moved to late October (probably the 20th or 27th).

Alexander’s trainer Kevin Cunningham doesn’t believe Bailey pulled out of the fight because of an injury, and he had some pretty harsh things to say about the IBF welterweight champion.

“Hey Randall, if you were in the gym training instead of hanging out, getting high with your homies, and trickin’ off with strippers, you would have been ready to fight on September 8th,” Kevin Cunningham said. “You are faking injuries now, but come October, your injuries will be critical. … “You [expletive] the network, promoters, and the fans with unprofessional bull [expletive]. To the fans, I guarantee, Devon’s going to get rid of this piece of [expletive] in October.”

Given the entertaining back and forth between Alexander and Bailey, it’s a little disappointing that the fight between the two won’t happen on Saturday. However, I’m sure both camps will continue to amuse fans with their trash talk, and that’ll only increase the anticipation for the fight.

However, Alexander seems frustrated with the way things have gone down, and he might not be willing to wait an additional seven weeks to fight Bailey.

Hopefully, the 25 year-old will stick it out, considering the fact his fight against Bailey does have the potential for fireworks.

Obviously, Alexander is the technically superior boxer between the two, but a fight against Bailey is far from guaranteed. “The Knock-Out King” is still one of the hardest hitters in boxing right now, and “The Great” might find himself in serious trouble if he runs into a clean shot.


Ben Thompson, “Cunningham insists Bailey is faking; guarantees Alexander will…

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