Kimbo Slice Knocks Out Jesse Porter in 36 Seconds

Former street-fighter/MMA fighter Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice added another victory to his professional boxing record, knocking out Jesse Porter 36 seconds into their May 12 encounter at the Lucky Star Casino in Concho, OK.

With the win, Slice improves his professional boxing record to 5-0, with four of his five wins coming via knockout. He went straight to work against Porter, smothering him with a barrage of hooks before finishing him off with an uppercut.

“36 sec ko,” Slice tweeted after his victory. “He couldn’t handle it”

Even though Kimbo Slice still has a long way to go in terms of becoming a legitimate boxer, he does deserve some credit for his accomplishments inside the ring. While he isn’t fighting the very best fighters on the planet, that is the norm in professional boxing. Most boxers are highly protected in the early stages of their careers, with prospective opponents being carefully selected (especially if they have no amateur boxing experience). At 5-0, Kimbo is a novice by boxing standards, and it would be highly unrealistic to expect him to fight accomplished boxers at this point in his career.

If Kimbo was a lot younger, I would put money on him having a successful career. However, at 38 years old and a history of knee problems, he’ll have his work cut out for him. Without a doubt, he does have the heart and determination of a true fighter, but that might not be enough to defeat time.

Kimbo would have been better off jumping straight into boxing – instead of going into mixed martial arts, but he did earn some pretty large paydays, exceeding most veteran MMA fighters in earnings. He’s notoriety even earned him the cover of “ESPN The Magazine” and several movie appearances. Not too shabby for a man who was just some homeless guy 20 years ago.

David is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing practitioner who has watched and studied MMA for the past 9 years. Send him your questions @davidkingwriter.


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