Kimbo Slice KO’s Brian Green with 3 Seconds Left in the Final Round

Former MMA fighter Kimbo Slice aka Kevin Ferguson improved his professional boxing record to 4-0, knocking out Brian Green in the fourth round of their March 24 encounter.

For Kimbo it was certainly the toughest fight of his boxing career, with the quicker Green landing his share of crisp combinations. Going into the fourth round, I had Green up by a round. But Kimbo prevented what could have been an unfavorable decision, knocking out Green with only 3 seconds left in the boxing match.

Uneducated boxing fans might have expected to Kimbo to make quick work of Green, but hardcore fans knew better. Green is significantly more experienced than Kimbo (in terms of combat sports), considering the fact the 26 year Iowa native has had 44 professional MMA bouts and 9 amateur fights.

Kimbo did have the size advantage in the fight. And things evened out a bit inside the ring, leading to a competitive fight.

With the win, Kimbo remains undefeated in the sport of boxing, but he still has a long way to go before becoming a serious contender. At 38 years old, he continues to defy the odds, and it’ll be interesting to see just how far he can go in the sport of boxing.

One thing is for sure, Kimbo certainly has the heart of a fighter, and his accomplishments inside the ring/cage have exceeded all expectations.

Those with prior experience in combat sports can definitely appreciate Kimbo’s achievements as a fighter. With an 8-2 record in professional combat sports, Kimbo has seemingly done the impossible, competing with real fighters, with only a limited amount of training. When you factor in the fact that he started his pro career in his mid thirties, it’s pretty hard not to have some level of respect for Slice.

Given his age, Kimbo will probably never reach the top of boxing’s heavyweight rankings, but he just might do enough to get a big-name opponent before his boxing career comes to an end.

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