Kimbo Slice Tested in Third Pro-boxing Fight

Former street brawler/UFC fighter Kimbo Slice got tested in his third professional boxing match, going the distance with Charles Hackmann on Dec. 30. Hackmann even wobbled Kimbo a bit in the second round, but in the end it was Slice, who walked away with the unanimous decision (all three judges scored the fight 39-37), improving his professional boxing record to 3-0.

Kimbo’s first two professional bouts were rather short affairs, with neither opponent making it out of the first round. Like Kimbo, Hackmann also had a short stint in MMA, before deciding to give the sweet science a try. Unlike Kimbo’s first two opponents, Hackmann had no problems trading blows with his opponent.

Even though Kimbo wasn’t able to finish his opponent on Dec. 30, I personally felt he had his best performance so far in his short professional boxing career. Kimbo’s footwork and movement looked improved against Hackmann, controlling a majority of the four-round fight.

Kimbo’s cardio still has room for improvement, as he did seem to slow down in the final rounds off the four round right. Luckily for Kimbo, Hackmann’s cardio wasn’t any better, and he wasn’t able to make him pay.

Kimbo’s next fight is scheduled for Feb. 11, when he faces Robert Bruce at the O’Reilly Center in Springfield, MO.

Even though Kimbo has received a lot of criticism from so-called fight fans, he actually deserves a lot of credit for the things he has done inside the boxing ring. At 37 years old, Kimbo seems to be defying the odds, slowly building up a respectable professional boxing record.

Kimbo hasn’t faced any serious boxers yet, but that is the norm for beginners in the sport. As long as he continues to develop his skills (especially his cardio), he should be able to build up a decent record and eventually earn a shot at a well respected boxer.

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