Kimbo Slice wins boxing debut in 17 seconds

Former street fighter turned MMA fighter Kimbo Slice had a successful professional boxing debut against fellow newbie boxer James Wade (0-1) in Miami, Oklahoma, on August 13. Kimbo wasted no time against Wade, knocking him out cold in only 17 seconds.

Kimbo didn’t exactly knockout Wladimir Klitschko in his boxing debut, but his win was impressive nonetheless. Boxing’s heavyweight division has had its share of brawlers in the past, and Kimbo should be able to fit right in.

Kimbo decided to give boxing a try, after a 1-1 run in the UFC left him without a job. The former UFC fighter looked comfortable in the boxing ring, no longer burdened with the many disciplines of MMA. For the first time in a while, Kimbo looked like the man many gawked at on internet videos, charging towards his opponent with malicious haymakers.

Given his age, Kimbo will have a hard task ahead of him in the world of boxing, but it’s rather obvious the 37 year old fighter can still sell tickets and entertain fans.

Kimbo would probably have been better off transitioning straight to boxing instead of MMA. While Kimbo’s short career as an MMA fighter earned him some big paychecks, it was obvious before his first MMA fight that he was completely unskilled in the grappling arts.

Hopefully, this time around Gary Shaw won’t get ahead of himself and throw Kimbo into the boxing ring with fighters he doesn’t belong with. Veteran boxer Roy Jones Jr. has already expressed his desire to face Kimbo in the future, and his management would be wise to avoid former champions in the near future.

Boxing fans can expect to see more of Slice in the ring. Slice understands time isn’t on his side, and he doesn’t plan on taking too much time off between fights. Kimbo’s next fight is expected to be sometime in October, and it should be another entertaining bout.

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