Kimbo’s boxing debut set for August 13

Former UFC fighter Kimbo Slice will be making his professional boxing debut on August 13, at the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma. The MMA veteran was released from the UFC after losing to Matt Mitrione, and this will be his first athletic endeavor since then.

“Kimbo has been in Los Angeles area training for this for almost three months,” promoter Gary Shaw said. “I don’t know how far he can go, but I know he’s very strong and powerful. I know the heavyweight division is weak at this moment in time, so it gives him an opportunity. He’s never been in against top echelon boxers, so that story is still untold. But I know if he can’t do this or he feels he is in over his head or outclassed, he’ll call it a day. He will not make a fool of himself. He’s too proud.”

When his journey began, he was simply fighting to survive. With a series of internet videos, Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice, turned himself into an overnight sensation, captivating fight fans with his larger than life persona. Slice became the face of the now disbanded Elite XC MMA promotion, quickly building up a legion of fans.

When Kimbo made his MMA debut, many veterans of the sport weren’t exactly fans. Many felt he was jumping the line, and not deserving of the attention he was receiving.

In reality, most MMA fighters can learn a thing of two if they studied Kimbo Slice’s short yet financially rewarding career in the cage. MMA fighters often forget that filling arenas up with fans is part of their job, and Kimbo clearly didn’t have that problem.

Even UFC president Dana White, who was an open critic of Slice, jumped on the Kimbo train as soon as he could. It turned out to be a good decision, given Kimbo’s appearance on the “Ultimate Fighter” season 10, took the popular MMA reality series to an all time ratings high.

Given the fact Kimbo is 37; he’s going to have his work cut out for him. At least this time around he won’t have to worry grappling and kicks, two things he struggled with in MMA.

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