King Mo calls out Jon Jones for releasing Rashad Evans text

7-1 light-heavyweight MMA fighter Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal has some harsh words for current division champion Jon Jones, regarding the way he handled a text message sent by his former teammate Rashad Evans a few weeks ago.

Jones and Evans started developing animosity for one another, when Jones jumped on the opportunity to face Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 128. Both MMA fighters have continued throwing jabs at one another ever since and Evans recently sent a text message to Jones, referring to him as a “fake white boy.”

In return, Jones issued a statement revealing the contents of the text message. Rashad initially denied ever sending any such message to Jones, but Jones later released a screenshot of the text.

Now King Mo is taking a shot at the current UFC light-heavyweight champion, calling his behavior less than admirable. Mo told

“Personally, Jon Jones is the king of hoe moves. That’s s*** your ex-girl, Superhead, or Kat Stacks would do. I wouldn’t apologize for s*** and I don’t think Rashad should either. Like I said before, that’s some hoe s***; petty in my eyes. So what? He called Jones a white boy? I’ve heard worse and y’all have too. It’s funny how some fans wanna be PC and s***, but then some of these same muthaf****z wanna pay to see some organized violence. LOL! Or they boo if a fight ain’t violent enough. LOL!”

King Mo does have a legitimate reason to question Jon Jones’ behavior. Words exchanged between professional athletes should be kept between the parties involved. While Rashad’s comments can be considered offensive, Jones’ decision to reveal a private conversation to the media wasn’t the best way to handle the decision.

While I’ve supported Jones throughout his unfolding drama with Evans, he definitely needs to work on his media skills. Jones has always been very mature for his age and I’m sure he knows the situation was mishandled.

Hopefully, all this animosity carries over into the Octagon and the fight between the two lives up to the high expectations.

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