Lamont Peterson Upsets Amir Khan

Lamont Peterson pulled off a huge upset over British boxer Amir Khan on Dec. 10, winning the bout via split-decision. With the win, Peterson is now the new WBA (super) and IBF (light) welterweight champion of the world, while Khan is left to deal with the second loss of his professional boxing career.

Khan took control early in the fight, sending Peterson to the canvas twice in the opening round. As the boxing match progressed, Peterson turned his intensity up, constantly coming forward and unloading punches in bunches.

“As a person I stand for something,” Peterson said after the fight. “I don’t go for anything. I’ve been taught that since I was young. Not to fall for anything, and in the ring I’m the say way, as you can see. I was a big underdog, a lot of people thought Khan was going to win. Earlier on they probably were saying ‘yeah,’ but I knew it was goin’ be this way.”

Without a question, referee Joe Cooper did play a factor in the fight, as the points that were deducted from Khan in the 7th and 12th rounds, ended up being the difference maker on the scorecards. After the bout, Khan didn’t hold back on his feelings towards the referee.

“It was like going against two people in there, the referee and Lamont himself” Khan said. “Every time he was coming into me and kept keeping his head low. He just kept keeping his head low and I just couldn’t get going. My jab wasn’t getting to him. I was the cleaner fighter; he was so wild in there. Like I said, I was going against two people in there, the referee just wouldn’t give me chance…There’s never been boxing in D.C. for the last twenty years because this is what happens. He was the home fighter and that was it.”

Khan was hoping to secure a fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. (if negotiations with Manny Pacquiao didn’t turn out positively), but that’s obviously out of the window with his loss to Peterson. Khan will probably look for a rematch, and Peterson indicated he would be willing to grant him one.

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