Leonard Ellerbe Opens Up About 50 Cent – Floyd Mayweather Beef

When 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) announced the formation of “The Money Team Promotions,” many in the boxing community assumed the rapper was working together with his close friend, Floyd Mayweather.

However, Fighthype.com’s Ben Thompson revealed 50 Cent’s true intentions, and it turns out the rapper was working with former Mayweather associate, Tommy Summers, in an attempt to separate Floyd from his current business partner, Al Haymon.

Apparently, Summers sent Mayweather a letter while the latter was serving a short stint at the Clark County Detention Center, claiming “Money” was getting ripped off by Haymon. Summers ended the letter by asking Mayweather to join forces with him.

Floyd Mayweather has been rather quiet about his recent rift with 50 Cent, but one of his advisors, Leonard Ellerbe, opened up about the subject during an interview with Thompson.

“After reading those ridiculous, absurd allegations, the only conclusion you can come away with is this had to come from someone who is unaware and unequipped to handle any kind of business,” Ellerbe said about Summers’ letter. “That’s why you see this individual in numerous photographs simply carrying Floyd’s bags, because clearly that’s all he was capable of doing. This is coming from a snaggletooth, rotten guy who doesn’t have a pot to piss in and nowhere to throw it out.”

Given how close 50 Cent and Floyd have been for several years, it’s surprising to see things get so bad between the two. 50 Cent and Summers were recently seen in a photograph with Manny Pacquiao — who the rapper also tried to bring into TMT Promotions — so it’s easy to believe the two were working together.

When TMT Promotions was officially announced, many in the boxing community were excited about the possibilities. However, it’s pretty obvious that Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent won’t be doing business together anytime soon, and Manny Pacquiao doesn’t seem interested in working with TMT Promotions either.

Ellerbe’s partnership with Mayweather might also be coming to an end given the champ’s recent comments to FightHype’s Ben Thompson.

“I think we’re just getting to a point where we’re outgrowing each other,” Mayweather elaborated. “I think I just see things my way and I think he sees things in another way.”


Ben Thompson, “Leonard Ellerbe: “Floyd is the one and only one who determines…

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