Marquez Defeats Fedchenko, Abril Gets Robbed

Juan Manuel Marquez claimed the interim WBO light welterweight on April 14, dominating Serhiy Fedchenko throughout their Saturday encounter. To his credit, Fedchenko held his own against one of the best boxers in the sport, landing his share for crisp punches. However, Marquez was able to outwork him, constantly applying pressure, landing the more damaging blows. All three judges gave Marquez the nod.

With his win against Fedchenko, Marquez is currently scheduled to fight again on June 17. Brandon Rios was originally his intended opponent. But Rios failed to impress against Richard Abril, getting outclassed throughout their twelve round encounter. Luckily for the Top Rank fighter, the fix was in (again), and the judges shamelessly robbed Abril, awarding Rios with the split-decision. Rios wasn’t exactly a class-act after the fight either, accusing Abril of excessive holding.

Judge Glenn Trowbridge scored the fight 115-113 in favor of Rios, while Jerry Roth scored it 116-112 Rios. Their scorecards are certainly mindboggling, considering how dominant Abril was during the fight. Definitely one of the greatest robberies I’ve seen in a while, and I’m pretty sure a vast majority of boxing fans no longer consider Rios as an undefeated fighter.

Rios will now head up to the junior welterweight division, but there is no question serious damage has been done to his reputation. He’s obviously not yet ready to fight the very best the sport has to offer, and he probably won’t have any big-name fights in the near future.

Obviously, Abril wasn’t happy with the decision, and he shared his thoughts after the fight.

“We executed our gameplan,” Abril said. “We used our height and our reach because we knew that we had the advantage in those categories. The decision, what can I say, it was an obvious disgrace. I won this fight by at least four or five rounds…at least four to five rounds.”

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