Martinez Willing to Accept 20-80 Split Against Mayweather

Sergio Martinez might have won his March 17 encounter against Matthew Macklin, but he didn’t exactly do it in impressive fashion. Martinez struggled a bit in the earlier rounds of his bout against Macklin, getting knocked down in the seventh round. The Argentinean eventually found his rhythm in the later rounds, finishing Macklin at the end of the 11th round.

Prior to Martinez’ bout against Macklin, many thought he would be an excellent opponent for WBC welterweight champion, Floyd Mayweather, but his performance against Macklin diminished his value a bit.

However, Martinez still wants a shot at Mayweather, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to secure the fight.

“We would fight Floyd at 151,” Martinez’ promoter Lou DiBella said in an interview with “We would fight Floyd at 150 and [Martinez] would have to kill himself to make 150 and Floyd would be favored [to win] at 150. Cotto is a dead man at 154. Cotto is a half-shot. He’s a great fighter, but he gets hit by everything. He incented Cotto to make a big money fight. It’s very smart business. If he wants to handicap Sergio, we’ll fight him as low as 150. And we’ll give him 80% of the money. Mayweather can have 80% of the money and we’ll fight him as low as 150. Let’s do the fight, after he beats up Cotto.”

I certainly commend Martinez for his willingness to face Mayweather at 150 pounds, but his chances against the world’s pound-for-pound best at that weight are pretty slim.

Skill wise, Martinez isn’t on the same level with Floyd, and his size advantage will be virtually nullified at 150 pounds.

Mayweather is a businessman first, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to take Martinez up on his offer. If Mayweather isn’t able to secure a bout with WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao later on in the year, boxing fans might just have to settle for a Mayweather-Martinez bout.

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