Mayweather-Pacquiao Saga Continues

WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather is certainly one of the most polarizing figures in the history of boxing, and his recent comments during an interview with Bob Costas have created yet another firestorm. Mayweather spoke candidly about his recent attempts to negotiate a super-fight with WBO champion Manny Pacquiao. And it’s been interesting to observe how some have twisted his words.

“I tried to get it done,” Mayweather said when asked about the failed negotiations with Pacquiao. “I tried to get it done for May 5th. It would have been Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, but I got turned down. … I’d done my homework, to see what he was used to making in big fights. I offered him 40 million. I told him I would wire him 20 [million] within 72 hours. The manager said he’ll get back to me. A guy by the name of Michael Koncz flew to Las Vegas to talk with to me, because he told me he was in control. I met with him a couple of times, tried to make the fight happen. Then they said they was going another route.”

When pressed about his refusal to accept a 50/50 split with Pacquiao, Mayweather fired back at Costas:

“My dealing structure at this particular point in boxing… I keep a 100 percent of the [PPV] revenue, so why would I give a guy 50/50? At this particular time, I’m not just the highest paid guy in the sport of boxing, I’m the highest paid athlete. … Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I come first, self preservation. I put myself first. I worry about my family. If the fight happens, it do. Do I want the fight to happen? Absolutely, but if it don’t, so be it. When my career is over, I can’t come over to Bob and say you know what, I need you to pay my bills.”

Even though it’s pretty obvious Mayweather was talking about financial stability, some have taken his comments as an admission he’s scared of Pacquiao. It’s that kind of irrationality amongst boxing fans that prevents us true fans from getting a Mayweather-Pacquiao super-fight.

Without a doubt, both camps have thrown their share of excuses over the years, and they’ll probably continue to do so as long as boxing fans fail to hold them accountable. I don’t agree with Mayweather’s refusal of a 50/50 split. But I also don’t think it really takes 7 months for a cut to heal.

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