Michael Bisping and Jason Miller named TUF 14 coaches

Recent UFC addition Jason “Mayhem” Miller will be coaching the 14th season of the “Ultimate Fighter” reality television series, coaching alongside British MMA fighter Michael “The Count” Bisping. Chael Sonnen was the UFC’s first choice for the spot, but had to be replaced due to ongoing issues with his MMA license.

Season 14 of the “Ultimate Fighter” will feature featherweights and bantamweights, for the first time in the show’s history.

MMA fans were looking forward to a season featuring Sonnen and Bisping, especially after Chael had some harsh words for the Brit. Still, Miller should be a good replacement for Sonnen. Miller’s goofy personality should lead to some entertaining television, and I won’t be surprised if the two MMA fighters get into a few yelling contests over the course of the show.

Jason Miller’s appointment as a coach on the 14th season of the “Ultimate Fighter” is the first time the UFC will award coaching honors on its popular reality television show to a fighter that hasn’t competed in the promotion recently.

Some hardcore UFC fans might not like the way the promotion overlooked other middleweight contenders who have already paid their dues in the Octagon. Miller hasn’t fought in the UFC since 2005 (going three rounds with current welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre), and some might argue the position should have been given to someone who has competed in the promotion recently.

Businesswise, Miller is the best replacement for Sonnen, considering many of the top middleweights in the UFC aren’t native English speakers. While you can make an argument for Nate Marquardt and a few other MMA fighters, Miller’s appointment was actually another savvy business move by the UFC.

Miller’s currently scheduled fight against Aaron Simpson at UFC 132 has now been cancelled. Miller will now face Bisping in his return to the Octagon, later on this year. The fight between the two MMA fighters should be as entertaining as the show; Bisping is the better striker, while Miller has the grappling advantage.

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