Miguel Cotto Gets Payback Against Antonio Margarito

WBA super light-middleweight champion Miguel Cotto got some payback against Antonio Margarito on Dec.3, putting on an impressive performance on his way to the 10th round TKO decision. From the opening bell, Cotto fought smartly, constantly moving around the ring and imposing his will on Margarito.

Margarito won the first encounter between the two, but the victory was tarnished when the 33 year old got busted for using illegal hand wraps.

Cotto seemed determined to prove his 2008 loss to Margarito wasn’t legitimate, and the Puerto Rican boxer did just that.

“Just to look at him and taste my victory on him,” Cotto said after retaining his WBA super light-middleweight title. “He means nothing to me. I’m here with all my crowd and all my people. He means nothing to me.”

Margarito got a few shots in here and there, but it was pretty obvious who the better boxer was early in the fight. By the beginning of the 10th round, Margarito’s right eye was completely shut, forcing ringside doctor Anthony Curreri to stop the fight.

With Margarito’s loss, it’s hard to see him getting back inside the ring. Margarito didn’t look like his normal self against Cotto, and I’m sure the fractured orbital bone he suffered against Manny Pacquiao played a part in his performance. Margarito ended up taking a lot of damage on the eye, and retirement might be a more intelligent option for the Mexican fighter at this point.

Even with his eye shut close, Margarito wanted to finish out the fight. He wasn’t pleased with the decision to stop the fight.

“I told them how many numbers I had up,” Margarito said after the fight. “I knew from now on they were out to protect him because I was building [momentum].”

The chances of Margarito getting licensed to fight in the US are pretty slim, and he’ll probably have to get licensed elsewhere if he wants to continue his boxing career.

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