Molina Appeals Disqualification, Kirkland Down for Rematch

Carlos Molina made it clear he didn’t agree with referee Jon Schorle’s decision to disqualify him after the 10th round of his March 24 bout with James Kirkland, and he plans to fight the ruling.

Molina dominated Kirkland during their encounter. But Kirkland started building up momentum in the 10th round, sending Molina to the canvas at the end of the round. Interference from Molina’s corner-man brought the fight to an end, leaving many boxing fans with a bad taste in their mouth.

Molina’s promoter Leon Margules issued a statement regarding the controversial disqualification, asking the Texas Commission to reverse the ruling and rule the bout a no-contest. In the statement, Margules points to the Texas Commission’s rule 61.41(K)(6), which states:

When a round ends before a contestant who was knocked down rises, the bell shall not ring, and the count shall continue. If the contestant rises before the count of ten, the bell shall ring ending the round.

Rule 61.41(K)(6) certainly gives Molina solid grounds for an appeal, and there’s a pretty good chance he’ll get the loss removed from his record. Unfortunately for Molina, Kirkland, and boxing fans alike, the damage has already been done, and we’ll never get to know how things would have turned out.

Luckily for Molina, Kirkland has been gracious throughout the situation, and he has made it clear he’s open to the possibility of a rematch.

“Right now I don’t care,” Kirkland said about a potential rematch. “Molina, if he wants that [rematch], I’ll give him exactly what he wants. I have a team and I’m allowing my team to move me where they want to move me. If they tell me ‘Carlos wants another ass-whopping, give it to him’ and we’ll work that. I’ll say cool I’m all for it. If they tell me to fight this person or that person, I’m all for it. My job is to train and fight. I’ll fight Carlos any day, but I have a team and we’re going to put our heads together and see what we’re going to do.”

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