Nate Quarry Says Penn Vs MacDonald Moved to UFC on Fox 5

A nasty cut forced Rory MacDonald out of his UFC 152 bout against BJ Penn, but we might still get to see the two go to war.

During a recent appearance on “MMA Uncensored,” retired UFC veteran, Nate Quarry, claimed he had some insider information indicating Penn and MacDonald will fight on the “UFC on Fox 5” fight card. He also took some shots at Jon Fitch for his recent comments about Penn.

“Oh my God, talk about a ridiculous thing to say – calling BJ Penn a ‘coward,'” Quarry said. “We’re talking about BJ, who was the lightweight champion, who also fought [Lyoto] Machida at light-heavyweight, so he moved up 50 lbs. to fight Machida. Machida, who was undefeated at the time, just knocked out Rich Franklin, just knocked out Stephan Bonnar. BJ Penn goes to fight him because he’s a fighter. That’s what he wants to do. … Fitch calling BJ a ‘coward’ is just Fitch trying to get attention. Fitch’s trying to hype himself into another big fight, because the Rory MacDonald fight got postponed. And we have it on good authority, my insider has told me, that the fight has been set for the Fox card in December. So we’re gonna get that fight.”

The UFC hasn’t made any official announcements about Penn and MacDonald squaring up at UFC on Fox 5, but Nate Quarry isn’t the kind of guy that talks out of his rear-end. UFC on Fox 5 is set for Dec. 8, and that should give MacDonald enough time to heal.

As far as Quarry’s comments about Fitch, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I actually have a lot of respect for Fitch as a fighter – even though many MMA fans don’t seem to appreciate his style, but he has no business calling Penn a coward.

Besides moving up to face Machida in 2005, Penn is also responsible for the only champion vs. champion bout in UFC history. He’s also one of the two fighters in UFC history to win titles in two weight classes (Randy Couture is the other man if you’re wondering), and if there’s one thing about BJ you can never question, it’s his heart.


Chris Hall, “Report: B.J. Penn Vs. Rory MacDonald Set For UFC On Fox 5

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