New York Senate votes in favor of legalizing MMA

The sport of MMA took a step forward in its efforts to be legalized in the most popular city on the planet. On May 23rd, a large majority of senators in the state of New York sided with the most popular combat sport in the world, voting 42-18 in favor of legalizing MMA.

The UFC’s efforts to legalize MMA in New York probably played a role in the Senate’s decision to pass the bill. The UFC made it their number one priority to become sanctioned in New York and UFC President Dana White even promised the state two MMA events within the first year of legalization, in a press conference earlier in the year.

The bill still needs to get past New York’s State Assembly and Governor before it becomes official, but Dana White seemed ecstatic about the bill’s success in the Senate, calling it a breakthrough for the sport.

It is surprising that it”¹…”s taking a state like New York so much time to legalize a sport that is already being practiced in many countries around the world. At this point, to categorize MMA as a controversial sport is simply ignorant, yet New York lawmakers seem hesitant in legalizing the sport. Boxing has been legal in New York for ages, yet MMA is looked at differently. Hopefully, the bill will go all the way this time around and the UFC will finally get to host events in the state.

Legalizing MMA in New York will be beneficial to both the UFC and the state of New York. The UFC’s current light-heavyweight champion is a native of the state and a title defense in the area will be beneficial to both the UFC and the local economy.

I’m sure the UFC will eventually get their way with New York’s Senate thanks to their serious financial capabilities. With mainstream sponsors like Burger King and Budweiser, the UFC has already showed the world that the sport of MMA is here to stay. I’ll be shocked if MMA isn’t legal in all 50 states within the next decade.

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