Nicaraguan MMA commission overturns Ricardo Mayorga’s TKO victory in mixed martial arts debut

Former WBC welterweight champion, Ricardo Mayorga, made his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut on May 3, against fellow newbie Wesley Tiffer. It was a rather sloppy fight, but Mayorga — who came in 20 pounds over the agreed limit — emerged victorious after landing an illegal knee to Tiffer’s spine, followed by some ground-n-pound.

Mayorga was originally awarded with the TKO victory, but the Nicaraguan MMA commission overturned the decision and ruled the bout a no-contest on May 13. They also issued a 3-month suspension to Ricardo for the illegal shot.

It certainly was the right move, as the fight video clearly shows the illegal knee, which instantly immobilized Wesley. However, the three-month suspension is a bit too much — and meaningless — since it didn’t look like an intentionally malicious shot, and Mayorga was only acting on instincts.

As far as Mayorga’s future in MMA is concerned, it doesn’t look really promising. After all, he spent a majority of their encounter on his back against an opponent who seemed to have a lot of holes in his grappling.

Here’s the full fight video:

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