Nick Diaz, Caesar Gracie want Anderson Silva next

While announcing his plans to compete as a professional boxer in 2011, the always entertaining Nick Diaz and his camp also indicated a desire to get into the cage with the best MMA fighter in the world, Anderson Silva.

According to Diaz’s camp, the ten year veteran is getting tired of MMA, and feels like he isn’t getting challenged enough. While I agree with Diaz that Strikeforce could have done a better job securing top level opponents for him to fight, there are many other MMA fighters at the welterweight division that would give Nick all the competition he can handle.

Georges St. Pierre is obviously the first on the list of MMA welterweights than would be considered excellent matchups for Nick Diaz. GSP is set to face Nick’s teammate Jake Shields at the UFC 129 MMA fight event. If Shields manages to pull off the upset, Diaz has indicated he will move to the middleweight division.

Moving to the middleweight division might not be the best move for MMA fighter Nick Diaz, as he hasn’t exactly cleaned out the division. Fighters in the UFC welterweight division like Thiago Alves, Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck just to name a few will definitely give Nick Diaz the competition he claims to desire.

As for the fight against Anderson, Diaz’s chances of winning are extremely slim, and he certainly hasn’t earned the right to step into the Octagon against the best MMA fighter in the world.

Yet, it seems like Diaz will be giving boxing another shot, if he doesn’t get a fight with Anderson Silva. When asked about Nick’s desire to fight top level MMA welterweights in the UFC, his coach Caesar Gracie replied,

“Remember when Anderson Silva wanted to fight GSP at a catchweight? Why not fight Nick Diaz at a catch-weight? Nick will go up to 178 tomorrow,” said Gracie. “GSP would be the guy [Diaz would want to fight at welterweight]. But GSP is fighting [Diaz’s teammate] Jake Shields [at UFC 129 ], and Nick thinks that Jake is going to beat him. So why would Nick be in the welterweight division?”

For now, only Nick Diaz knows what will happen next in his MMA career.

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