Nick Diaz gets BJ Penn at UFC 137

Ultimate Fighting Championship fans should be glad UFC 137 won’t be the promotion’s debut on FOX. On Sept. 7, the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced outspoken MMA fighter Nick Diaz had been removed from the UFC 137 fight card for failing to appear at two consecutive press conferences. Diaz was replaced by rising welterweight MMA fighter Carlos Condit, who was already getting ready to face BJ Penn at UFC 137.

On Sept. 8, the story got even crazier, when Diaz was reinserted into the UFC 137 fight card, taking Condit’s former spot. Diaz will now face Penn at UFC 137, an intriguing matchup in its own right.

The “Jerry Springer” feel that has developed around UFC 137, isn’t exactly the image the promotion would like to portray going into their long-term deal with FOX.

Feelings about the new changes to the UFC 137 fight card will certainly be mixed among MMA fans. On one hand, some MMA fans would have liked to see the UFC discipline Diaz a little more thoroughly for his behavior. On the other, it’s nice to see the UFC make the best of a bad situation, and end up with two good MMA fights.

Even though it won’t be for a belt, the MMA fight between Diaz and Penn will surely draw in a lot of fans. Stylistically, Diaz and Penn are very similar MMA fighters. Both Diaz and Penn are very good with their hands, with solid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills to accompany their striking abilities. Neither fighter is a fan of lay-and-pray, and the MMA fight between Diaz and Penn at UFC 137 should be something special.

For Diaz, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has now given him the perfect opportunity to redeem himself. A win over BJ Penn at UFC 137, and the Stockton, CA, native will be worthy of another title shot.

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