Nick Diaz puts boxing career on hold

Apparently, MMA fighter Nick Diaz has decided he will no longer pursue a boxing match against Jeff Lacy or any other boxer, choosing instead to focus his energy on MMA. After a very entertaining fight against Paul Daley, Diaz announced he would take advantage of an option in his contract allowing him to compete in a boxing match this year.

Diaz claimed money was the main factor in his decision to return to the boxing ring, but many felt he was simply trying to get some leverage against Strikeforce and the UFC. Nick Diaz’ coach Caesar Gracie tried to address the accusations of posturing:

“There are some people that have said we were just posturing to go into professional boxing and they don’t understand that this thing is something we had been working on since 2009, It wasn’t just out of nowhere, but at this point in time, there’s a certain chance that comes along once in a very long while and it only makes sense to stick to MMA as of right now.”

The decision to stay focused on MMA is the right choice for Diaz. While Nick would probably make more money if he decided to give boxing a try, I wouldn’t say he had much of a chance against any legitimate boxer. Right now it’s rumored a fight featuring Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre is in the works, but UFC President Dana White claims there’s still of work to be done before the matchup can be confirmed.

A matchup between Diaz and GSP should be a huge draw for the UFC as both MMA fighters have acquired a large following over the years. In terms of skills, Diaz’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu should counter GSP’s incredible wrestling skills and Nick has the edge in the striking department.

GSP will probably walk away with his title if he ever faces Diaz, but I do think Diaz has the tools to test GSP like no other MMA fighter ever has. While some question the quality of the opponents Diaz has faced in the past few years, his skills, aggression and willingness to put it all on the line makes him a dangerous opponent for any MMA fighter.

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