Nick Diaz Vs. Carlos Condit Rematch Runs into Problems

In the past 24 hours, there have been many reports about a Nick Diaz versus Carlos Condit rematch being official, but that apparently isn’t the case.

Condit merely agreed to a potential rematch with Diaz, sending MMA fans into a frenzy. While Condit is willing to put his interim title on the line, Diaz is yet to accept the fight. Diaz’ trainer Cesar Gracie shot down the possibility of the fight, citing undisclosed “issues.”

There have been some rumors on Twitter that Diaz’ “issues” have something to do with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, but there hasn’t been anything official from the UFC or Cesar Gracie camp.

I personally enjoyed the main event at UFC 143, but many felt Condit didn’t give them the action they paid for. Carlos wisely came in with an intelligent game plan, fighting Diaz on his own terms.

Diaz was the more aggressive fighter during the fight, but he failed to make the necessary adjustments as the bout progressed. Condit rightfully walked away with the unanimous decision, but the ‘controversy’ surrounding the results does guarantee the success of a rematch.

Given how close the UFC 143 bout between Diaz and Condit was, it certainly makes sense for the UFC to book a rematch. When Diaz finally got the fight to the ground in the final round, it was pretty clear Condit’s BJJ wasn’t on the same level.

Even though I felt Diaz was the better MMA fighter going into UFC 143, I picked Condit to win, simply because the former Strikeforce champion isn’t known for implementing the most intelligent game plans. Diaz proved that theory right at UFC 143, failing to go to his strength until it was too late.

Diaz has been given a golden opportunity to redeem himself, and it’ll be interesting to find out the circumstances holding back the fight. Nick did announce his retirement after losing to Condit at UFC 143, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Stockton native.

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