Paul Daley wants second shot with UFC, hoping to fight Nick Diaz

British MMA fighter Paul Daley would like to get a rematch with former Strikeforce fighter Nick Diaz. Earlier in the year, both MMA fighters put on an entertaining fight at the “Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley” event.

Both MMA fighters got rocked several times during the April 9 encounter between the two, before Diaz finished off Daley at the very end of the first round. The stoppage was somewhat controversial, but Daley looked out in the replays.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of people,” Daley told “A rematch with Nick Diaz, with the UFC’s marketing power…with FOX and everything now…I think they can market the rematch with Nick Diaz if he falls against B.J. Penn really, really well. I just want to put the idea out there.”

While many MMA fans would love to see Diaz and Daley trade blows again, it’s hard to tell if the UFC would be willing to give the brash MMA fighter one more chance. Daley was released from the UFC, for attacking Josh Koscheck after their UFC 113 bout. Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White vowed Daley would never compete for the UFC, but then again, Gabe Ruediger did get a second chance with the promotion.

Daley did break a major rule of combat sports at UFC 113, and it doesn’t even look like he’s grown that much from the experience.

Still, I would love to see Daley back inside the Octagon. Daley’s aggressive style makes him one of the most exciting welterweights to watch.

Daley’s main weakness has been his takedown and submission defense, and that should improve with his decision to join UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre at Tri-Star gym. Daley has also had problems making weight, coming into his last MMA fight against Jordan Radev at 176 pounds. The 28 year old MMA fighter should be able to learn a thing or two from training with another huge welterweight in GSP.

Daley is already a solid welterweight, and he should be able to compete with the very best MMA fighters in the division if he continues improving his takedown defense.

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