Peterson Confident He’ll Win Rematch Against Khan

Lamont Peterson and Amir Khan put on an entertaining show last November, but their 12 round encounter did have its share of controversy. Peterson edged out a split decision victory against Khan, snatching the WBA and IBF junior welterweight titles in the process.

Referee Joe Cooper’s decision to deduct two points from Khan ended up becoming the deciding factor in the fight. And Khan has pressing for a rematch ever since. After a series of appeals and complaints, Khan eventually secured a rematch, and he’ll get a second shot at Peterson on May 19.

Peterson isn’t bothered with the prospect of facing Khan again, and he plans to keep his belt collection intact.

“I’ll make people see that I am the better fighter,” Peterson said in an interview with Sky Sports’ Ringside. “In my mind I know; I knew before we went into the first fight. I confirmed it after the first fight and I think going into the second fight we will really; really show people I’m the better fighter.”

As far as Khan and his complaints go, Peterson still believes the point deductions were justified.

“I was the one in there actually getting pushed so I know better than anyone that they should have took points from him. For me, they should have DQ’d him,” Peterson added.

While the point deductions did end up giving Peterson the fight, I personally feel Cooper did the right thing. Khan repeatedly shoved Peterson during their encounter, and he did get several warnings before any points were deducted.

The fight between Khan and Peterson was clearly one of the best of 2011, and I expect more of the same at the rematch. However, it does seem like Peterson figured out Khan’s style during their November encounter. And the former WBA/IBF junior welterweight champion will have to make a few tweaks if he wants to reclaim his titles.

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