Phil Davis accuses Jon Jones of ducking top contenders, might be calling the champ out at UFC 172

Mixed martial arts veteran Phil Davis is only days away from his next fight against Anthony Johnson at UFC 172, and he is already working on an angle to promote a future bout against light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

His comments were in response to Jones recently stating that there weren’t enough fights between top contenders in the UFC looking to challenge his reign in the promotion’s 205-pound division.

According to Davis, Jones is shying away from tough fights. Here’s what he recently had to say according to

“Jones is avoiding being crushed,” Davis explained. “He is avoiding fighting me, avoiding fighting Daniel Cormier and definitely avoiding fighting Alexander Gustafsson. He’s running fast, he’s not even hiding anymore. If you don’t want to fight Gustafsson, fight me! We (Davis and Gustafsson) are training partners, I will beat you and this won’t be much. It’s fair to everyone.”

Jones will headline the UFC 172 card following Davis’ bout with Johnson.

While it’s unlikely a victory against Johnson will be enough to earn Davis a title shot, I do like the idea of a Jones vs. Davis matchup. Fans of MMA math might say there’s no point since Rashad Evans easily defeated Davis and Jones dominated Evans, but that certainly has no bearing on what would actually take place if Jones and Davis collide inside the Octagon.


Well, if MMA math had any credibility, Gustafsson wouldn’t have given Jones the toughest test of his mixed martial arts career, since Davis defeated him easily (winning via anaconda choke at UFC 112) and Evans smashed Davis.

Here’s the deal:

Despite the loss to Rashad, Davis is still the better wrestler on paper, and he’s also the more athletic of the two. Factor in the fact, Phil’s striking consistently improves with every outing — plus the fact he did a pretty decent job striking wise against Lyoto Machida — and, on paper, Phil Davis is arguably the biggest threat to Jones’ reign, not Alexander Gustafsson or Daniel Cormier.

David is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing practitioner who has watched and studied MMA for the past 9 years. Send him your questions @davidkingwriter.



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