Phil Davis ready for title shot?

Undefeated MMA fighter Phil Davis has some similarities to current light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Both fighters are solid wrestlers that opened up their MMA careers with solid winning streaks. Jones is a significantly better striker, and that is something Davis will have to work on.

Davis is currently 9-0 in his MMA career and is currently scheduled to face former light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans at UFC 133. If Davis is able to get past Evans, he would be deserving of a title shot, given the fact Rashad has been the number one contender in the UFC’s light-heavyweight division for quite some time.

Getting past Evans won’t be easy, since Rashad isn’t really a good matchup for Davis. Davis’ wrestling abilities won’t be as effective going up against Evans, who is one of the best wrestlers in MMA. Davis had a difficult time getting Antonio Rogerio “Minotoro” Nogueira to the ground, and he’ll probably have a much tougher time against Evans.

Davis’ standup skills still have a long way to go, and Rashad will also have the striking advantage in the Octagon when they meet. Davis told MMA Junkie why he decided to take the tough matchup:

“I was seriously wanting to take some time off, You just can’t pass up opportunities. If somebody said, ‘Do you want a promotion?’ You can’t pass that up. You have got to be ready to go. I said, ‘Yep, I’ll take it.’ Jon Jones is where he is right now because of good timing and always being ready to go. I don’t have the luxury to say no. If I beat him (Evans), I will be in the mix in the big picture; I have no idea really when I’ll get a title shot. Winning this fight will probably put me in the neighborhood of another fight, another win away.”

While I think the odds are in Rashad’s favor at UFC 133, if Davis pulls off the victory, he should be the next in line to fight for the light-heavyweight title.

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