Rampage Jackson’s top five fights

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has entertained MMA fans for years with his aggressive, in-your-face style. Jackson’s 31-8 record is more than impressive, especially when you consider the number of top contenders he has faced over the years. From the old Pride days to the UFC, Rampage continues to excel at the very highest levels of the sport. Here are Jackson’s top five fights in his successful career as an MMA fighter.

5. Ricardo Arona

You won’t find an MMA all-time knockouts list that doesn’t include Jackson’s devastating slam of Arona. Ricardo went for a triangle choke early in the fight and Jackson’s reaction was like none MMA fans had ever seen before. Jackson picked Arona up into the air so high that Ricardo’s hips were over his shoulders and threw him down viciously, knocking him out in the process. You can watch the video of the entire fight here.

4. Chuck Liddell (2003)

A rare UFC versus Pride MMA matchup, Rampage dominated Zuffa’s most popular fighter Liddell, forcing his corner to throw in the towel. Rampage’s ability to take Liddell to the ground was impressive, since Chuck was well known for his solid takedown defense. The full fight is available here.

3. Lyoto Machida

Few including myself gave Rampage much of a chance against Machida as it looked like a bad matchup for him on paper. Surprising, Rampage was able to outpoint one of the most technical strikers in MMA, handing Machida his second career loss.

2. Wanderlei Silva (2008)

Silva dominated their two encounters in Pride, scoring devastating knockouts both times. When both men met in the UFC, roles were completely reversed and Jackson was the one who scored the brutal knockout this time around.

1. Chuck Liddell (2007)

In his second fight in the UFC, Jackson shocked casual fans of the sport that had no idea who he was, with his quick TKO of Chuck Liddell, who dominated the light- heavyweight division for quite some time. That fight secured Jackson’s status as one of the top light-heavyweight MMA fighters in the world.

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