Rashad Evans worried Jon Jones might try to pull out of fight

It’s no secret current UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Rashad Evans have some animosity towards one another. Both MMA fighters are expected to face each other next for the UFC’s light-heavyweight title, and the trash-talk leading up to the fight between the two has already begun.

“Jon already knows what I can do to him,” Evans said in an interview with ProMMARadio.com. “Do you think that Jon pulled out of the first fight because he was confident? No! He was afraid, and watch him try to pull out of this fight too. Watch him be like ‘Oh my foot is hurt’ or something like that to try and get out of this fight to try and make me fight somebody else. When it comes down to it, the kid, he doesn’t really want it. He can say what he wants to say but when he comes down to it he don’t want it… I’m gonna kill this dude, I’m gonna destroy him.”

While the UFC light-heavyweight champion’s decision to pull out of the earlier scheduled MMA fight against Rashad was a little questionable, I doubt Jones pulled out of the contest due to fear. If anything, Jones’ decision to pull out of the first scheduled MMA fight against Rashad was the 24 year old champion’s way of punishing his former-teammate.

Regardless, Evans made it clear he won’t be taking no for an answer this time around. In the unfortunate event that Jones suffers an injury leading up to the fight between the two MMA fighters, Evans indicated he would be willing to wait for the champ.

Evan seems genuinely confident about his chances against Jones, probably due to past sparring sessions between the two. Evans claims he got the better of Jones in their previous sparring sessions, and the 32 year old MMA fighter plans to expose the champion when they meet inside the Octagon.

As someone who watched Evans evolve from a wrestler with rudimentary striking on the second season of the “Ultimate Fighter” reality TV series to the complete MMA fighter he is today, it’s hard to root against the veteran UFC fighter. However, I don’t think he’ll be able to back up his words against Jones, when the two MMA fighters compete for the UFC’s light-heavyweight title.

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