Roger Mayweather Disses Manny Pacquiao

Roger Mayweather is one of the most outspoken trainers in boxing right now, and he had a few things to say about WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao in a recent interview with Chris Robinson.

“He’s a decent fighter,” Mayweather said about the Filipino congressman’s upcoming bout with Timothy Bradley. “He’s a well-schooled boxer. People talk about Pacquiao [but] Pacquiao aint nothing but wild. That mother [expletive] aint no classic boxer, hell no. But that’s a good fight for him so we’ll see where he’s at.”

After a long period of inactivity by current WBC welterweight champ Floyd Mayweather, Pacquiao was lifted up to the top spot in boxing’s pound-for-pound rankings. A lackluster performance against Juan Manuel Marquez forced many respectable boxing outlets to reconsider their position, reinstating Floyd as the world’s pound-for-pound best.

Many boxing fans were expecting Pacquiao to face Floyd in his next bout, but those negotiations were doomed from the start. Instead of sitting down and having serious negotiations, both camps exchanged excuses and insults.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum claims he’s targeting a November super-fight between Floyd and Manny, but I won’t hold my breath, given Arum’s questionable behavior during the last round of negotiations.

Regardless of how future negotiations between the two camps go, Roger is confident his nephew will walk away victorious if the two ever meet.

“I think Pacquiao’s going to have problems with him [Floyd],” Roger said. “The last fight I seen Pacquiao, that mother [expletive] looked sorry! When he fought Marquez, he looked sorry. So I know good and well that mother [expletive] wouldn’t beat my nephew. I’m just saying.”

Floyd is currently scheduled to face Miguel Cotto on May 5. The bout will be at 154 pounds, and that will give Cotto the size/strength advantage going into the fight. Floyd and Manny will be the favorites going into their respective bouts, but they’ll both need to put on impressive performances. A lackluster performance by either man would be disastrous for the highly anticipated super-fight.

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