Roger Mayweather Wants Floyd to Fight Manny Pacquiao

Many boxing fans aren’t certain if Floyd Mayweather will ever lace up his gloves, but his uncle, Roger Mayweather, seemed certain that we’ve not seen the last of the sport’s pound-for-pound king during an interview with Chris Robinson.

“Oh yeah, why wouldn’t he?” Roger Mayweather responded when asked if his nephew would ever fight again. “He’ll fight a few more times. He ain’t took no beatings.”

Floyd Mayweather has been very coy about when his next fight will be, but he’ll probably be back before the midway point of next year. Obviously, he won’t have any problems finding an opponent.

A fight against former WBO welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao, seems to be the best option for Floyd right now, as many in the boxing community would still like to see the super-fight between the two. Pacquiao recently offered to accept the smaller share of a 45/55 split against Mayweather, but he’ll need to go a lot lower than that if he’s serious about making the fight happen.

Roger understands how profitable a fight against Pacquiao would be for the Mayweather camp, and he’s hoping the fight will finally get done this time around.

“The fight [for] Floyd is Pacquiao,” Roger added. “That’s the fight. He fights Timothy Bradley, he fights Pacquiao. He’ll make so much money. He’ll make close to $200 million.”

I’m not really sold on the idea of a Mayweather vs. Bradley matchup, but it would be a low-risk tune-up fight for Floyd.

I don’t think a potential Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight would be competitive either, but it’s does make a lot of financial sense for both fighters. Floyd and Manny have rabid followings, and fight between the two would be a huge draw even if they were both in their 40’s.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez also seems like a good opponent for Mayweather, and I would mind watching a Cinco de Mayo showdown between the two.

Alvarez and his handlers admitted that he wasn’t ready for Mayweather after his May 5 bout against Miguel Cotto, but they seem to have had a change of heart. I’m still not sure “Canelo” is ready for a technically savvy fighter like Mayweather, but a fight between the two should be entertaining, especially if Floyd decides to do some infighting.


Chris Robinson, “Uncle Roger says Floyd Jr. can make $200 million fighting Pacquiao and Bradley

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