Roy Jones Jr Likes Paul Spadafora’s Chances Against Floyd Mayweather

After a two-year hiatus, Paul Spadafora put on a decent performance in his return to ring, defeating Humberto Toledo via unanimous decision on Aug. 18.

With the win, Spadafora feels like he’s ready to test his skills against the very best boxers in the world. Spadafora’s promoter Roy Jones Jr. even feels he’s ready for the sports’ pound-for-pound king, Floyd Mayweather. According to Jones, “The Pittsburgh Kid” bested Mayweather a decade ago, during a sparring session.

“I’ve seen the sparring session,” Roy Jones said during an interview with “Not much [of what happened back then will matter] because both of them will be totally different fighters when they step in the ring for true battle. Neither fighter was themselves that day. Paul might have been in better shape than Floyd so you can understand how it went. But that does not mean that it would impact how a fight would go between them. I would love to see a fight between them. … [Spadafora is] one of those great guys where you can’t really say who can hang with him and who can’t. On any given night he can blast anybody away. Paul is very special in his own right and you can’t say what he can and what he can’t do.”

With a professional boxing record of 46-0-1, Spadafora is certainly a competent boxer, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call him an A+ fighter. A majority of his fights are against mediocre boxers, and he’ll need a few more impressive victories if he ever wants to fight the very best fighters out there.

Spadafora plans to fight again towards the end of 2012, and he’ll probably have to settle for the likes of Danny Garcia and Paul Malignaggi – who are also on his list.


Bill Emes, “Roy Jones Jr: Spadafora Can Hang With Mayweather Jr.

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