Roy Nelson should consider lower weight class

After MMA veteran Roy “Big Country” Nelson’s loss to Frank Mir at UFC 130, some – including UFC President Dana White – have suggested a move to a more appropriate weight class. You don’t have to be a personal trainer to notice Nelson is the chunkiest MMA fighter in the UFC.

Roy Nelson typically walks around at 260 pounds, and he shouldn’t have any problems making the light-heavyweight limit of 205 pounds. Some even think Nelson should be able to make the middleweight cut of 185 pounds. It’s possible for Nelson to drop that much weight if he’s willing to put in the effort (Joe Riggs made a gradual transition from heavyweight to welterweight), but the 34 year old MMA fighter never really seemed like the dieting type. Popular MMA nutritionist Mike Dolce was confident he’ll be able to get Nelson to his goals. Dolce said :”In my honest and humble opinion, I believe I could help Roy Nelson unlock his full potential as an athlete, as a fighter, but also in health potential as a human being… I can get him down easily if he wants to be a chiseled heavyweight. I can certainly do that. If he wants to be a light heavyweight I can do that. I could probably get him down to middleweight depending on what his goals are. I could do it the most healthy way possible, extend his life, extend his vitality, all of those things. But in the short term take every possible advantage to get the utmost of his ability.”

Dropping down in weight class should have a positive effect on Nelson’s MMA career. Even as an undersized heavyweight, Nelson has held his own against many tough fighters in the division. Given the fact MMA fighters like Brock Lesnar actually have to cut weight to make the heavyweight division’s limit of 265 pounds, now would be a good time for Nelson to make his move.

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