Royce Gracie working on UFC Rio fight deal

One of the most important figures in the history of MMA, Royce Gracie, is currently working on a deal to fight at the UFC Rio event, scheduled for August 27.

The news of the potential fight is something many hardcore MMA fans across the world will surely appreciate. Royce’s last fight in the promotion that he helped build was at the UFC 60 MMA fight event, against former welterweight champion Matt Hughes in a catch-weight bout.

Personally, I wasn’t too happy with UFC president Dana White, when he announced back then that Royce would be coming back to face Hughes. At that point in his career, Gracie was already on the older side, far removed from his former self. Hughes was one of the most promising fighters in the UFC at that point, and I felt he was being given an easy win over a big name.

The fight against Hughes was a tough one for any Royce Gracie fan to watch. It was tough to watch one of my favorite fighters get dominated by a guy he probably would have defeated back in his prime.

Now, the UFC have the perfect opportunity to make it up to the guy that showed the world Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at its finest. Watching Royce go out on a positive note is something most MMA fans will enjoy. Royce is also excited about the possibility of fighting in the UFC in the city he was born. While speaking with UOL Esportes, Gracie said:

It would be the perfect place to do my last fight. I never fought in Rio de Janeiro and I couldn’t be more psyched. We are negotiating [the fight deal], but we should have it finalized in two weeks. We only had an initial contact and I don’t even have an opponent yet, but we should have that finalized soon“.

Hopefully, the UFC will do a better job this time around and find a decent opponent for Gracie. One thing’s for sure, with Gracie and current middleweight champion Anderson Silva on the card, the UFC Rio MMA fight event is bound to be a success.

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