Shane Carwin Accused of Throwing Fight Against Brock Lesnar

Apparently, one of former UFC number one heavyweight contender Shane Carwin’s sponsors have accused him of throwing his title fight against the former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. Carwin confirmed he had been accused of throwing the fight against Lesnar at the UFC 116 MMA fight event via twitter.

Those who had the opportunity to watch the fight between Lesnar and Carwin at the UFC 116 MMA event will probably have a hard time believing Shane actually threw the match. In the first round of the highly anticipated MMA fight, Carwin threw huge punches at Lesnar’s head, forcing the giant to cover up for a majority of the round. Carwin punished Lesnar so severely in the first round; many wondered why the referee never stepped in to stop the fight.

Accusing Carwin of throwing the fight, after coming so close to becoming the heavyweight champion, will probably not sit well with many MMA fans. It has even been reported that the MMA fighter plans to take his sponsor to court.

The sponsor accusing Carwin of throwing his UFC 116 MMA fight against Lesnar is yet to be named, but that will probably change in the future.

Unless the unnamed sponsor somehow has evidence that the Shane Carwin actually threw the fight, the attention generated by the accusations shouldn’t really have an effect on the UFC’s popularity. Most MMA fans will be inclined to take Carwin’s word over his sponsor’s.

If in some surprising twist of events, Carwin’s sponsors can prove that he did in fact throw the fight against Brock Lesnar at the UFC 116 MMA fight event, the negative publicity of the scandal will probably affect the promotion’s popularity. All past fights will immediately be questioned, and MMA fans will be less likely to spend their money on UFC events.

I’ll be shocked if that turns out to be the case though, as it seems more like a sponsor trying to weasel out of a payment. Unless they have a taped conversation of Carwin admitting to throw the fight or something else along those lines, they’ll have a rather tough time proving their case.

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